Ads - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Ads - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Post by OniTube » Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:25 pm

Ads or Advertisements, are the annoying popups and banners you get when you browse through the video page on Animmex Regular unlike Animmex Prime.

Well someone needs to pay the bills, running a website such as Animmex Vimeo or YouTube is not cheap AT ALL, it's very very very expensive and we don't have rich parents or a Fortune 500 company to back us up, we're on our own here so our choices are Ads, Prime or close the website.

Choice 1: Ads :cry:

"The Bad" - We hate the ad networks out there, each worse than the other, they're the ones who figured out that instead of simple banners they should force people to load popups/popunders in order to fill their entire screen and therefore get more real estate in that user device, they gives us a few USD cents for each impression in fact we will be completely transparent with you for every user geolocated in the united states every 1000 impressions we receive about $2 or $3 USD depending on the network that means every 1000 popups we will get as little as $2 or $3, and that is from the best paying country, US traffic, so if you're from Canada, United Kingdom it will be even less but some countries like India it is so low that it will literally take on average 15x more people that means 15,000 impressions in order to receive the same revenue which is why we're blocking some countries more information here.

"The Ugly" - The ugly truth is that most of Ad traffic on the internet in fact over 75% is bot-generated traffic, that means a lot of infected computers on the internet "zombies" and botnet traffic with scripts setup to load the pages in the background that way generating more fake traffic which is bad for the advertiser (the people wanting to show off their website, service or product through the ad networks), so to compensate for that traffic becomes cheaper and cheaper over time, which is really bad for the very very few honest publishers like Animmex with 100% genuine traffic that ends up getting paid the same as the bad traffic.

But is that all that is "ugly" about the ad networks?

Absolutely not, the real ugly side is the Malware industry, if they can turn your computer into a zombie machine, in order words infect your computer with a virus that will automate the loading of more ads they just turned 1 impression into thousands, that means their $1 investment can turn into thousands at the cost of your safety, privacy and everything that you have being compromised but they don't care, now this is not done per se by the Ad Industry or the Ad networks but rather advertisers with bad intentions, most ad networks do check to make sure the landing page is not compromised or contain any malware however the advertiser already being aware of that practice uses a fake landing page to get approval and afterwards changes back to the malware landing page, and because the landing page is under the advertiser control there's nothing the publisher or the ad network can do about it unless it's reported and/or they periodically check the landing pages of every advertiser.

Does ANIMMEX want to take any part on that?

Of course not, we would like to work with cleaner networks but there are literally none, if there was one they would eventually get malware from one of more advertisers as they grow, unless they have a very well maintained and trained staff it's not really easy to keep on checking for malware and that would cost something that ad networks are not willing to spend money on.

Does ANIMMEX have any control?

Sadly, no. The way it works is they give us a code to add to our website and they do whatever they want, and even if we check we can't really check all the ads because it changes from country to country and time to time so an ad set to be displayed 7PM to 10PM UTC in London will not show up in Paris at any time or in London outside those hours which we have absolutely no idea, all we get is a report of total impressions, cpm, and that's it, we can't block anything, we can't ask them to do anything it's their way or no way.

Why not banners then?

If this was 2007 then probably we would be on banners right now possibly get access to Google Adsense which is the best banner network but they won't approve websites like ours due to their terms of service so the networks willing to work with us are going to pay about 1/10th to 1/50th of that of popups/popunders that means that for that same $3 it's gonna be $0.30 even $0.05, banners are fillers nowadays, they do give a little extra but you can't rely on them.

Choice 2: Donations :mrgreen:

And finally "The Good", the donation version of the website known as Animmex Prime, this donation supported version of Animmex gives us everything we want, money to pay our bills and a 100% clean experience to the user, it's cheap and it's clean everybody wins and we have full control over that therefore it will always be 100% clean, obviously we would like every single user to be part of the Prime community but not everyone is willing to do that for various reasons so we need to keep both versions of the website going, in the future we will be doing a few lottery and giveaways to people including prime access, if you want to know more about Prime go here


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