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OniTube Prime and Donations

Post by OniTube » Wed Mar 22, 2017 5:05 pm

Update: 22/Jan/2018 - PayPal donations are suspended more information here, please use bitcoin and send an email to [email protected] additionally other cryptocurrencies are accepted as long as the value holds during the transfer process.
After the donation is complete, please send a proof of donation to [email protected] with your transaction ID, paypal email and username/email that you want prime to be enabled.

How much do I need to donate?

€5 - 3 months
€15 - 1 year
€50 - Lifetime


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After the donation is complete, please send a proof of donation to [email protected] with your transaction ID, username/email that you want prime to be enabled and the amount in BTC sent.
For current BTC exchange prices we will always use the current Coindesk €/EUR exchange rates

When you donate in BTC (Bitcoin) we will consider the current sell exchange rate, keep in mind Bitcoin rates change very often in fact every second, and you should always try to round the amount up, that way it gives a little room in case the rates of BTC goes down and the amount no longer equates to the equivalent minimum donation amounts in Euros. Also keep in mind we do that so all of our users will have paid the exactly same price for the access, simply put to be fair with everyone and to avoid any loopholes.

BTC does not accumulate due to change rates, if you want we can offer an exchange rate at the time of the donation after contacting us you can request us to exchange the amount from BTC in Euros and so it will accumulate in case you decide to get LIFETIME, you will have 24 hours to do that after the transaction was completed.

In any case we will try to get back to you within 12-24h, sometimes it might take longer due to unforeseen circumstances in which case we will assume any losses that it might've caused you, however keep in mind our emails might arrive in your SPAM folder, you must check your SPAM folder we will not assume any losses if our response email was sent within the 12-24h time-frame.

Not sure yet? Ask for a free trial just send an email to [email protected] with your username and information.

* - We WILL honour the lifetime agreement, the prices might change in the future from the current €50 due to inflation and other factors but if you already have a lifetime account you will have that account regardless of any changes we might make in the future, those will only affect new members.


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