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FAQ and Known Bugs

Post by OniTube » Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:57 pm

We decided to start this thread so people know the peculiarities about Animmex and also as a way for us to publicly disclose bugs we are aware of and answer some basic FAQs.

BUG - No 720p or higher option for Animmex Prime in every video:
Workraround: Animmex Prime itself doesn't have any Ads, however that doesn't mean the AdBlockers won't do anything to the website itself, we've noticed that if using some adblockers such as uBlock Origin it will also block core elements from the website itself that have nothing to do with ads, so the only solution is to disable adblock there will be no ads.

Permanent Solution: Because this is a third party script that is blocking the element it's out of our hands, nothing can be done from our end.

BUG - A video with subtitles doesn't show the option to enable subtitles:
Workaround: Refresh the page, it should show up the next time.

Permanent Solution: We're not sure what causes this, could be browser related or php script related.

BUG - I get emails from the forum but i don't get emails from OniTube:
There is a known problem with the main OniTube website where the mail server is not receiving the requests from the platform to send emails therefore the website will tell you that an email was sent when in fact it wasn't.

Temporary Solution: We've knwon this bug for a while but we haven't been able to find the problem exactly since it's likely due to updates in some modules, at this time the only solution we have is this if you lost your password send us an email to [email protected] from the same email you registered with, we will reply first confirming that you indeed want your password changed and when we get the response we will provide you with a new password.

FAQ - Why can't I upload videos?
Answer: Because at this time only select people have access to the upload infrastructure, we had to do this when we were getting bombarded with spam from asia and that was the only solution, we are working on getting the public upload available again, if you would like to upload videos to Animmex at this time you have to be part of the forum staff which we will be organizing in the near future and link a thread to it.

If you have any problems feel free to share with us and we will add to this main tread.

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