PayPal account from OniTube suspended

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PayPal account from OniTube suspended

Post by OniTube » Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:37 am

So one of our accounts has been taken down by PayPal (aka Evilcorp) and this will affect a lot of our prime members, if your service has been suspended your account has been affected. Remember this will ONLY affect people who used PayPal and not Bitcoin.

We obviously have no love for PayPal here and they have no love for people like us that just wants to receive their donations to pay their bills because hey government and other paperwork bs right, meanwhile bitcoin you can anonymously and safely donate funds that can't be ever reversed, taken by an evil organisation like PayPal, so why most people use PayPal? Probably because of convenience but now this convenience has come to an end.

Everyone who used PayPal recently will have to chargeback/dispute/reverse the transaction and donate again using Bitcoin and until then the Prime access will be revoked, not something we want to do, not something we would even like to be dealing with but that's PayPal.

So what happens from now on?

Likely we will stop using PayPal and find a better way to receive our donations for people that are not familiar with bitcoin or we can just setup a tutorial and get everyone to use bitcoin since we're not keen on receiving credit card payments and dealing with chargebacks, fraud and bs from people who think control us and bitcoin is the most reliable way to receive payments nowadays.

So how do I get my Prime access back?

After you reversed your transaction contact us on [email protected] and we will give you a btc wallet for you to send your bitcoin, if you don't know how to use bitcoin we will be making a new thread shortly explaining the basics of how bitcoin works and how you can get some yourself but for now we can help you via email and you can get bitcoin on and for those wondering.

So do not panic, do not create thousands of treads and posts asking why is your access revoked, shit happens and let this be a lesson to you all not to use companies like PayPal anymore, learn to use Bitcoin.


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